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OpossumsClick here if you have found a wild animal in distress.

Click here to find out if a wild animal needs help.

Call SF ACC Dispatch, to dispatch an officer to assist: (415) 554-9400

SF Wildlife Help provides a free wildlife helpline–(415) 350-9453–to assist callers with wildlife emergencies, conflict issues and everything in between.

People generally have no reason to know what to do when a wildlife situation arises.

The information provided by the SF Wildlife Help hotline advises callers who have found animals in distress on what to do. The hotline also helps people to find humane methods of dealing with any problems caused by wildlife in their gardens or local areas.

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FAQ list to help solve common wildlife problems

SF Wildlife Help provides information about:

Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Caring for injured and orphaned wildlife so that they can be released when healthy and able to survive on their own is an important part of being stewards of our environment.
  • Click here to learn more and how to get involved in this difficult but rewarding work by making a volunteer commitment with your local wildlife rehabilitation center.
Habitat Planting
  • Creating beautiful wildlife habitat gardens helps increase the biodiversity of plants, animals, beneficial insects, pollinators, living microbes in your soil and more!
  • Click here to learn how!
Your involvement in local and state issues can make a difference for wildlife and the environment.
  • Click here to find out how to get involved in San Francisco wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Crossing SignYou can help Save Wild Lives by driving slowly in areas where wildlife cross roads to water. Pictured here: SF ACC Director Carl Friedman with volunteer Jamie Ray and SF RPD sign “planter” asking people to go slow at night and keep alert for wildlife crossing around Lake Merced, where many native animals lose their lives each year.