Fawn “Abandoned”

Deer mothers will hide their babies and go off to feed, often for the entire day. If you find a fawn, leave the area and keep dogs away from it. The mother will not return if she senses you are too close. Do not pick up the fawn or try to give it food. If a fawn has been picked up, return it to the exact location where found or within visual distance, stay back several hundred feet and observe to see if the mother returns. This can take many hours. If the fawn appears injured, call your local Animal Care and Control or Humane Society. Handle fawns with care. They often have poison oak in their fur.

Deer Caught Inside Fence

While deer can jump fences easily, you can open a gate to let it out. Leave the area so you don’t frighten the deer.

Deer Run by Dogs

Remove all dogs from the area and leave the deer alone for up to eight hours to see if it revives. Move it out of direct sun so it doesn’t overheat. If it doesn’t revive, call Animal Control if it is an adult.

Deer with Broken Leg or Injured

Adult deer are not treatable because they usually will not survive the treatment and captivity. Many deer do just fine with leg injuries that heal; even 3-legged deer can survive successfully. Our best advice is to leave them alone, keeping dogs and people away from them. If the deer is down and can’t get up or bone is protruding through the skin, call your Animal Care and Control or Humane Society.