Newsletters and Periodicals

The Bay Leaf
Monthly newsletter from the East Bay chapter of CNPS.

The Blazing Star
Bimonthly newsletter produced by the Santa Clara Valley chapter of CNPS.

Magazine produced by the California Native Plant Society. Covers scientific, philosophical, and practical issues about native plants.
California Native Plant Society
1722 J Street, Suite 17
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 447-2677

Newsletter explores the history and biology of California native flora.
Regional Parks Botanic Garden
c/o Tilden Regional Park
Berkeley, CA 94708-2396

Pacific Horticulture
Magazine for gardeners in the West and in places with similar climates. Includes scientific information, human interest stories, book reviews, and tips on gardening for wildlife.
P.O. Box 680
Berkeley, CA 94701 USA
(510) 849-1627

Magazine of North American wild flora. Includes tips for gardening with natives for gardeners throughout North America.
North American Native Plant Society
Box 69070
St Clair PO
Toronto, ON M4T 3A1