Volunteer Opportunities

SF ROMP provides care to injured and orphan animals so they can be released back into the wild.

Volunteering to become an orphaned wildlife foster carer is very rewarding, but also requires training and is a big commitment.

There are many other volunteer positions that require a minimum of training or time commitment to get started and make a difference for wildlife

Contact SF ROMP or call 415-350-9453 (415-350-WILD) to volunteer. THANK YOU!

  • Foster care volunteers care for healthy orphaned wildlife. Click here for more details.
  • Clinic help volunteers help with daily clinic activities such as cleaning kennels and cages, washing dishes and doing the laundry. Come and meet the SF ROMP patients!
  • Transport volunteers drive orphaned babies to foster care homes and pick up donated produce. If you can help, please email or call us with details of your availability and the kind of vehicle you have.
  • Cage assemblers staple together the wire mesh panels used to house fostered wildlife. These enclosures are easy to build and no prior experience is necessary, but many hands make light work!
  • PR volunteers put up posters, distribute leaflets and talk to visitors to the SF ROMP booth at events.
  • Media and video volunteers are needed to help to produce a series of educational videos that focus on peaceful coexistence with wildlife and the need to preserve biodiversity. We also need volunteers with media experience and/or connections who can help let the public know about our programs.
  • Computer help volunteers — we need techies who can provide occasional help with troubleshooting the SF ROMP computer. We also need volunteers to design graphics for our newsletters and website, enter data into our databases and to help update our website. Please call!
  • Office angels — please come and help with our office administrative tasks. There is plenty to do and your help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Special project volunteers — there are many interesting projects you can help with: building nest boxes, winter-proofing enclosures, making posters and thank-you gifts and more.
  • Habitat planting volunteers help garden the SF ROMP wildlife patch at the West End of Golden Gate Park.